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Exciting event – wedding... There is so much to do, organize and not forget! Rent a car for a wedding – one of the most important organizational moments that you should take care of in advance.

Our catalog contains the most popular car models that are most often ordered for wedding events – and not only for them. All kinds of evenings, birthdays and anniversaries, business dinners, stag parties, hen parties, solemn discharges from the maternity hospital of a mother with a child – all this requires the participation of a good and beautiful car to move around the city. That's why the car must be not only solid, but also appropriate for each specific case.

We offer a choice of several car models, each of which has its own aesthetics, individual interior options, elegance and the most modern set of functions . Some cars have a strictly seasoned look, without frills and unnecessary details, while others, on the contrary, look very solemn and bright. Thus, in our company, even the most fastidious tenant will be able to find a vehicle of their choice.

The catalog includes both cars and jeeps, limousines, buses and minibuses. Dynamic, reliable and well-controlled cars with any required number of passenger seats are ready to take you to any event with the breeze right now. They are able to withstand any distance and any road: they are "on the shoulder"; both city streets and country roads.

All cars are in good condition, each of them is spotlessly clean and has absolutely no defects.

We provide all our customers with a 7% discount for repeat orders. + discount card as a gift

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