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Rent Renault Master for a day

from 135 BYN

More days - less price


Car brand: Renault
Release: 2021
Number of seats: -
Transmission: Manual
Fuel type: Diesel
Color: White
Auto class: Minibuses

Fuel consumption per 100 km

  • City: 12
  • Расход топлива
  • Track: 10

Fuel consumption figures are indicative

1 - 3 days 80 USD
4 - 7 days 70 USD
8 - 11 days 60 USD
12 - 15 days 50 USD
Next price is contract

Prices are in USD for reference. All payments are made at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day of payment.

Find out if the car is available for your date

Terms and conditions of renting a car for a day

- Driving experience of at least 2 years; 
- Valid driver's license; 
- Lack of  liability for drunk driving within a year; 
- Deposit; 
- Payment immediately for the entire time of car rental;
- Kilometer limit per day depends on the car class from 250 km. up to 500 km. For more information, check with the manager.

Renting a bus in Minsk is relevant when it comes to moving and you need to transport a lot of things. Or deliver oversized cargo, for example, building materials. Or, for example, you need to transport valuables that are especially dear to you and it is desirable to do this as carefully as possible. In this case, rent a minibus without a driver – the best option, because no one can do this task better than you.

Renting a cargo minibus is convenient because you can make your own route, because when moving, it often happens that something is forgotten or some of the things could not be taken the first time. Therefore, you can take a car without a driver, return at any time and finish the move with maximum comfort for yourself.

At the same time, renting a minibus in Minsk will cost much less than ordering a cargo taxi. Renting a bus is also good because our Renault Master is in a serviced condition and you don’t have to worry that some of the things will get damaged or dirty. The presence of rear hinged and side sliding doors allows for comfortable loading and unloading and efficient use of the cargo space of the minibus.

Renting a cargo bus allows you to make a minimum of effort for loading and unloading. The low position of the center of gravity allows you to drive the car as comfortably as possible when fully loaded. When renting a cargo bus in Minsk it is worth considering that the Renault Master has a permissible permissible weight of up to 3.5 tons, which means that you do not need to have a special category. A category "B" driving license is enough.

So, rent a car without a driver — the best option in which you do not need to buy a car for cargo transportation. We are also ready to offer you another class of cars for renting a car for days, weeks, months.


A car seat for your child greatly increases the safety of your trip. In the event of an emergency, it will keep your baby safe. The booster helps to properly fasten the child's seat belts: without using it, the belts take up an incorrect and dangerous position.

We care about the safety of your loved ones, so you can take a seat or a booster absolutely free when ordering a car!

We provide all our customers with a 7% discount for repeat orders. + discount card as a gift

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